Aelation Intellectual Club


Benefits from Aelation Intellectual Club

  • Access to One Group Counseling Session in School 
  • Access to weekly, monthly and annually interactive online workshops/sessions on multiple educational/life skills/ psychological topics e.g. Exam Anxiety, Fast Learning,  Mnemonics, Mathematics Fun Learning, Abacus, Vedic Math, Quick Speed Reading, Etiquettes, Child Behavior challenges and others.
  • Access to latest News and updates about scholarship exams, competitions from authentic sources
  • Access to authentic scholarly articles on education and health
  • Access to content on Lifelong Learning Skills to improve knowledge, skills and competences within a personal, civil, social, and employment perspective. 
  • You can participate in National level activities and competitions to judge yourself better
  • You will get your own individual page with unique identification e.g. 
  • You can publish your articles, research papers, achievements on your unique page
  • You can question and answer on the research articles to enhance your intellect
  • Crowd sourcing support for new creative ideas, scientific research & new innovations
  • Be technically advanced and successful to inspire and educate underprivileged & needy people.