About Aelation





We Aelation Lifelong Learning Research Council are a Regd. Non Profit organization started with the objective to solve Different day to day Psychological issues and to make the individual Physically, Mentally, Socially healthy. The Organisation’s Aelation.com Website & Mobile App platform to connect different subject experts from various disciplines to interact with the Students.


As Every Child is Unique and if s/he makes Career in his/her Interested Field and follow his/her passion then s/he will be Happily Successful and Satisfied with his/her work. So for that we had developed Some Psychological Psychometric Tests and Online Counseling Portal.

After the Psychometric Test Reports analysis and online counseling  Parents, educators, HR personnel, Doctor, Psychologists, Counselors and Individuals can easily discover Student’s  IQ level, Aptitude, Multiple Intelligence level, Personality,Strengths and weakness and other details that can help to enhance learning ability, confidence building, Healthy student teacher/parent interaction subject & career selection guidance in 11th class, selecting suitable extra curricular Activity, Minimizing the risk of stress / depression / anxiety and ensure Professional growth and success.